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The mophie advantage

Over the past 10 years, mophie has maintained its position as the top mobile power brand worldwide. As we incorporate new features and technologies we strive to make advancements and always keep our customers’ needs in mind with every product we release. The intelligent solutions from mophie are recognized for style and are engineered for performance, providing a seamless integration of hardware, software and design while empowering the mobile world to Stay Powerful.

What makes us great

At mophie, we are innovators committed to expanding mobile boundaries in a groundbreaking fashion. We serve the young-at-heart regardless of their age. Those with a lust for life who shouldn’t be tied down by limited battery life and storage.
  • triple test certified


    Every mophie battery product is tested at three different stages of production to ensure unmatched capacity, efficiency and build quality along with reliable, long-lasting performance.

    advanced battery technology


    Our products are built to last. mophie batteries contain first-class lithium-ion polymer cells which have been engineered to deliver the most efficient charge with the highest battery density.

    digital power management


    When connected to your device, smart charging circuitry communicates with your device to determine the perfect amount of power it needs for a safe, quick charge. Fail-safe circuitry prevents over-charging and controls temperature to prevent overheating.

    priority+ charging


    Enables pass-through charge & sync while connected to a computer. Your device recharges first, and then the juice pack case recharges itself. powerstation products are similar but only enable pass-through charging so you can recharge both your device and powerstation battery at the same time.

    charge vault technology


    Industry-leading battery life enables our products to hold their charge for an extended period of time, making them more reliable than other battery cases in the market. On average, mophie products retain 75% of their battery capacity after a year without use.

    impact-isolation system


    Every mophie juice pack is tested to endure the bumps and drops encountered from daily use. Our Impact-Isolation System uses carefully designed and tested internal bumpers that add extra cushion to the edges and corners of the protective case for unrivaled support.

tech line drawing hold force battery case hold force case

Advanced charging and higher quality standards

Since releasing the first ever “Made for iPhone” certified battery case, we’ve held our products to a higher standard than others in the mobile power industry, and we push ourselves to develop the most dependable battery technologies with the most efficient charging speeds possible. From juice pack cases to powerstation external batteries and now charge force wireless power, mophie products are engineered for performance, providing a seamless integration of hardware, software and design.

Over 10 years of innovation

2007 juice pack
juice pack
World’s first battery case.

The juice pack that started it all. The original battery that you could use on-the- go, and the first external battery ever for iPhone.
2009 juice pack air
juice pack air
World’s first fully protective battery case.

We took the concept of the original juice pack and went a step further by turning it into the world’s first fully-protective battery case, with enough battery to double your talk time.
2010 juice pack tv
juice pack TV
World’s first battery case with streaming TV.

Thought we only made batteries? In collaboration with Qualcomm, mophie developed the juice pack TV that for the first time, offered live broadcast TV straight to your iPhone. Using the FLOTV network, mobile users could catch broadcast TV nation-wide.
2010 credit card reader
World’s first mobile credit card reader.

The marketplace was able to accept credit cards anywhere your business took you. With full DUKPT encryption and banking partners such as Intuit, marketplace was an early innovator within the mobile payments category.
2011 pulse
World’s first gaming case for iPod touch.

With front-facing stereo speakers and next-gen haptic feedback, the pulse was the world’s first iPod gaming case that offered physical rumble feedback for any game in the App Store. mophie partnered with Artificial Muscle to develop the pulse, which contained a reflexive membrane for powerful high-definition haptics, adding a new dimension to mobile gaming.
2012 juice pack helium
juice pack helium
World’s first battery case for iPhone 5.

The thinnest battery case of its time, the juice pack helium was the first protective battery case on the market for the iPhone 5 and was mophie’s 15th battery-case form factor.
2014 space pack
space pack
World’s first battery and storage case.

In development for years, space pack finally addressed the growing problem of “not enough storage” on the iPhone for all the pictures, videos and music that fill your life (and fill-up your phone). With 16, 32 and 64GB models.
2016 juice pack wireless
juice pack wireless
First wireless battery case and magnetic mounts from mophie

The juice pack wireless provides full case protection and the extra power you expect from mophie as well as the option to recharge the phone and case using virtually any wireless charging technology.

Over 10 years of innovation

mophie solutions free you from the fear and anxiety associated with limited battery life and storage. With mophie there is no excuse for your mobile device to shut down before you do.
thin profile with full case protection

Thin profile with full case protection.

The latest juice pack battery cases now feature wireless charging technology, so you can cut the cord while staying fully protected and still carry some extra battery for when you need it most.